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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Hmm, then that leaves me wondering about Huston's claim. I mean, I don't think he was a big Trek fan or trying to impress anyone. I mean, I'm the Trekkie in my family; my father was neutral toward it, and he was the one Huston told, as was the Enquirer.

Maybe Huston misremembered and it was a different series from the '60s that he did it for. Or maybe he just assisted Courage with some of the arrangements for those two episodes? If he was Courage's arranger for those episodes and the Voyage episodes, but not the TOS pilot and first-season scores, that could explain the similarities and differences cited above.

JimZipCode, Scott Huston isn't someone who would've been known as a film/TV composer. He was mainly a composer of orchestral and choral music (and one opera) and a longtime member of the CCM faculty. He did write the music for a locally produced TV documentary series about Cincinnati history back in the '80s -- probably 1988, since that was the city's 200th anniversary -- and that's probably around the time he was interviewed in the Enquirer.

Anyway, thanks to OneBuckFilms and Lukas Kendall for clearing this up for me. I can't say I'm not disappointed; for more than half my life I've believed that I was just a couple of degrees of separation from someone who'd written music for Star Trek, and that as a result I was privy to a little-known secret, albeit one I've wanted to make known for a long time. It's not easy to discover that something like that isn't true. But at least now I have a solid answer about who scored those episodes. Although that leaves the mystery of why Huston believed he'd done them, which is probably unanswerable. (Is there any way to find out whether he might've assisted Courage as an orchestrator?)

Oh, well. My father did interview David Bell once, years before he became a Trek composer. Not as cool as the Huston connection would've been, but it's something...
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