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Re: The First Poster for INTO DARKNESS Has Just Been Revealed...

Move along? Could they even try a stab at professionalism? It's not like anybody needed the confirmation, especially not like that.

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Nah, it's no secret. Carl Spock began in the TOS Caption Contests a number of years back when one of us decided to Photoshop a big '70s afro and goofy period glasses onto Leonard Nimoy, creating a new (and very groovy) character that was quickly named "Carl Spock." The meme took off from there and Carl has made countless appearances in the BBS both in caption contests as well as in other threads all over the board.

He's not nearly as popular or widely posted as he used to be, but I like to keep his spirit alive by using him in a few of my avatars.
So you mean your avatar's name isn't Cool Eddie Spock? Well, I'm glad you're keeping "Carl" alive in your avatars. It wouldn't be the same not seeing him there. So, I'm going to choose to believe that "Carl" went into the Starfleet Witness Protection Program, and now his new name is Cool Eddie, born in 2174.

But, don't worry. No one will hear that from me...

Y-y-y-yeah. That's the story. And we'll stick to it. (*Cough-cough*)
Exactly, because names had to be changed to protect the innocent...
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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