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Re: Tech update in Star Trek

It really feels like they absolutely do need to take the technology we have today and send it to the logical extremes --- which in fairness, they DID do that back when TNG premiered, they just never really thought of how much more powerful our tools would get today.

I mean just using the Android OS, Tablets and Google Glasses as templates on where these pieces of technology would go just seems natural now.

What Star Trek (or lets face it, this is really not sounding like Star Trek anymore) needs to do is attempt to anticipate how much powerful these tools will become in the not-so-distant future.

Its Star Trek that inspired us to try to push some of our technology as far as we have, it needs to be Star Trek that illustrates how much powerful those tools can be in the future and inspire us to go further.

With the location software we have today, something that would be interesting is to explain how that system exports itself to new planet without a GPS system in place.
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