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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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...the two original third-season scores credited to Courage...
That is facinating. Has an air of plausibility too: those two scores don't sound like Courage's other Star Trek music.

I had never heard of Scott Huston before.

The one thing that makes me skeptical is, I think the composer conducted the studio orchestra in the recording of the score. Jeff Bond's book has the session dates for those scores as 8/5/68 and 10/25/68. Wouldn't people have noticed if the guy in the room wasn't Courage? In Bob Justman's interview in the book, he said he likes to be on the sound stage for the recording of the score, and he knew "Sandy".

(On the other hand, those dates are right on Huston's timeline, and in the interview Justman says they could only get Courage for a couple of first-season scores. Hmm.)
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