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Re: Orci says ST series talk "getting real"

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They won't want remastered Trek competing with new Trek for syndication, streaming and home video dollars.

CBS likely knows that the Trek glut of the late 90's contributed to the franchise downfall in the early 2000's.
You're assuming the competition aspect outweights the synergistic aspect, which I'm not assuming at all. Product lines within a single brand can be used strategically to support the whole brand line, not cannibalize it, if someone puts some thought into it.

The population of potential new viewers for Star Trek is much larger than existing fans, especially when you think about it globally. But will people who are unfamiliar with Star Trek (except for Abrams movies maybe) want to see "old stuff" that has the stigma of being old? Maybe a new show would appeal to them, and then they discover the old stuff - a nice pathway to creating a whole new audience.

And even if CBS ascribes to the glut theory of Star Trek (has anyone ever officially said they believe that?), the glut has long since dissapated away. It's more of a starvation situation now.

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Temis floats the idea of Star Trek on Showtime so often you'd think an edgy cable drama is the most likely way Star Trek is coming back.
Starting to wonder if she owns a piece of the channel.
I wish I did, I'd tell them to stop frakking up Dexter. But I mention it just because CBS owns it, and I shudder in horror at the show going to the CW instead. But my current theory is that the next series will be on Netflix, not Showtime. I think premium cable is too snobbish for a space opera show that is associated with free TV.

In fact, I really believe the next Trek series will be an animated one aimed at kids myself with a toyline and other related merchandise fully behind it.
That's probably the most likely scenario of all, and if it's like The Clone Wars in terms of appealing to all ages, I can get behind it, but I'd much rather see a live action show on Netflix or anywhere really.
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