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Re: Glenn Corbett - Zefram Cochrane

I can't remember if it was the two foot model or the 4 foot "hero" miniature that originally held motors to extend the landing legs.

Oh, you should have seen the state of the "B9" Robot prop/costume as depicted in photos printed in an issue of StarLog. I don't know if this was before or after the infamous "Mystery Island" make-over. Shoved in a corner of a storage area, the iconic neon "grille" was shattered; the "bubble" was missing; half the "belly" lights were broken as well as the push buttons; and, of course, the pleated rubber elements had rotted.

Thankfully, it was been restored and is currently owned by producer (?) Kevin Burns. Of course, a great deal of components had to be newly fabricated, so it's a case of it being "partially" the original Robot prop.

And then there are the fans and a licensed company who have built exacting full scale replicas that actually rival the original piece in terms of functionality, so the Robot is far from being lost.

And I'm sure I've derailed this thread long enough. Sorry, guys.


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