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Re: Chris Pine: To Shat or Nat? That is the question.

^ The difference in this case is what peaks my interest too.

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It's Alive!!!
*Has a truly, truly, bewildering mental image of NuKirk in a cheerleaders outfit cheering S/U Fan on*
Did it look a little something like this?

*runs to find the mind bleach*

Oh, so sorry then.

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[...] I don't think he ever's....Staggered....Spee ch....Pattern

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I got the part where you said:

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...because, to me, William Shatner is to acting what Cher is to singing.
And found myself voting NO then and there regardless of the validity of the statement.

Seriously, if we could have Shatner shoehorned into the new Trek movie, I'd rather see Shatner himself play the role of Prime Kirk. And, I think the sanest among would agree that it would be a disaster.
So, does that mean that I made the question too easy? Is it a "slam dunk," in a manner of speaking? I notice that the results are 100% "NO" as of right now.

And I wasn't trying to be insulting when I made that comparison. I just meant to get across that they are distinct in what they do.

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The worst thing Pine could ever do is try to imitate Shatner. It would come off as a parody and more worthy of a Saturday Night Live skit than a Star Trek movie.

And one of the best parts is when they mistake NBC for Nabisco.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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