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Re: Best Audio Book?

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So, I finished Wildthyme at Large. She's over the top, brash and abrasive, a character I would generally be quite annoyed by, but, once I got over the shock over her abrasiveness and loudness, I found I quite like the Character. I've got the First two Series, so, I'll be lsitening to them for a little bit. She's just so Trailer Trash, it's hard not like her

Omaha, if you see this thread, I was wondering if you like Iris Wildthyme any better than Jo Grant?
I've done my best to avoid her so far. The one and only story I've listened to with her in it was a Six story (with Seven doing a cameo) where they were stuck in a bar she owned, and there was something about a regenerated Iris trying to kill the first one. Since she isn't even trying to alter the voice to make Iris a different character from Jo, and they are acted exactly the same, I just pictured Useless through the story and wondered why Six didn't just try to kill her?
Voice not altered? Hmmm...that sounds like a very different portrayal than I am listening to now. The Iris I am listening to, is coming off as a loud mouth, slurring, Trailer Trash floozy. I had no idea it was Katy Manning at first, LOL.

Speaking of Irritating companions, I gained a whole new appreciation for Mel in the Unbound Valleyard story
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