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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Investigations... sigh. It was a really cliche filled ending to all this Paris/Jonas intrigue that had been quietly building up. Neelix decided he's has a new hobby. The next day he's suddenly an authority on it. Does no one realize that he nearly screwed everything up with his interfering? Janeway asked him NOT to go poking around because it would ruin their plan and coincidentally, everything Paris is doing. He's really a self-absorbed jerk. But we knew from episode 1 when he lied to the crew, and risked their lives that he wasn't quite trustworthy. He was going to get HIS headlines, it didn't matter the consequences.

Then there's Jonas himself. He was doing so well until this episode. There were doubts in him, things he would and wouldn't do in his spy capacity and a depth to him almost. Then he just turned into a stereotypical villain in this one. Complete with the cliche scream and charge the hero who's standing on the edge of a precipice.

Really all this episode did was conclude a long and slow push of the reset button that was so typical on Voyager. All those subplots for the past several episodes, just get hand waved away, there's no lasting effects on the characters, we never see Neelix be a journalist again, and Seska and Culluh are still just tailing Voyager like they have been for over the last year.
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