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Re: Tech update in Star Trek

The Starfleet database shouldn't depend on a visualization of the Ferengi to ID them. There should be all sorts of ways to tag an alien species - their vocalizations, the pheremones they exude, etc.

And why isn't there a picture of them in the database? Explorers should be scanning everyone and everything they encounter all the time in every possible way, visual light wavelengths being only one of the things they collect. This should be passive as well as active - there shild be cameras and other data collection devices inside and outside the ships and with the away teams at all times.

If the cameras were broken at the time, what's wrong with interviewing the crew and having them work up sketches of the Ferengi, which can then be rendered into realistic 3D graphics? That's technology we have now. The renderings go into the database and facial recognition technology should allow future away teams to instantly recognize the Ferengi as a known species, just by pointing a tricorder at them, which automatically accesses the ship's database.

All this stuff is what I'd retcon - someone needs to sit down and put more thought into what explorers actually would be doing, what kind of technology they would be using, and to what ends. Collecting data and making it easy to retrieve and understand is the basic role of an explorer. Start by looking at what NASA is doing with their Mars expeditions. That's actual exploration, more than I've ever seen from Starfleet.

And I wouldn't change the look of the uniforms, since fabric tech would allow the fabric to look anyway they like. The nice, soft pajama look is a good style for ease and comfort. The part I'd change is the fabric not fending off phaser blasts or protecting the wearer from temperature extremes.

The idea was supposed to be that some new, undisclosed form of fasener existed in the 23rd and 24th century that would allow clothing to fit people perfectly.
Maybe they were beamed into their unforms every morning?

"Spock's Brain" had Kirk ordering, "Set suit temperatures at 72." at which point everyone fiddled with their belts. So they had something futuristic going on.
Yet there was one episode where the away team was freezing on some planet's surface. Why couldn't their uniforms be set to compensate for any temperature? Or why couldn't their uniforms generate a force field around them to create an environmental bubble? Protection from harsh environments should be one of the first things you tackle in space exploration, and they should have every angle figured out on that subject.

The computer is a kind of device that you put on the neck.
The integration of information tech and clothing is definitely an area they need to put more thought into. The military is already making some advances in that area, which will spill over to consumer uses. For instance, away teams should have heads up displays in their field of vision to give them visual info from more than just their immediate surroundings, and this should be tied into the ship's database. This might be via goggles, contact lenses or even eye implants if that's not too creepy.

To put it into practical terms, the minute a 24th C away team encounters some funny little bat-faced aliens, the team's scanners which are built into their ocular implants should instantaneously transmit info on the new aliens to the ship, which kicks back a match to the funny little bat-faced aliens from the 22nd C that they have realistic 3D renderings of based on a long ago encounter when all the cameras were unaccountably broken. Plus they exude a certain easily identifiable chemical from their lobes, ewww.

Then the team is given all vital info (visual and auditory) on the aliens' behavior and any tendency towards aggression. All this should happen as quickly as possible to give the team time to prepare appropriately for a possible threat.

This is the best way to stop the team from being killed by aliens who it turns out were known and hostile. Or, if not hostile, it prevents them from making some mistake that could lead to violence. This sort of thing should be so important - safeguarding lives, not causing needless conflict - that any and all technologies to make it happen should long since be in place.

Starfleet should even have established protocols for any aliens in the database, such as, "if you ever encounter the bat-faced aliens again, do a, b and c but definitely not x, y and z." Away teams should not have to figure this out in the fly while their lives are possibly in danger.

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