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Re: The First Poster for INTO DARKNESS Has Just Been Revealed...

EDIT : It is a confirmed fake.

Kegg wrote: View Post
I'm not sure what that dark splotch at the bottom is, is that ground or something? The sky is similarly ambiguous, but the ground just looks like it's supposed to be something.

Beyond that a very Abrams poster.
Christopher wrote: View Post
^It's the lower edge of the Starfleet arrowhead emblem. Although, yeah, it does suggest a hilltop or something.
Reminds me of the cone of a volcano. There's even a slight indication of an eruption starting on the upper left flank.

Christopher wrote: View Post
It seems very dark and ominous for ST, but maybe the idea is that, as with the Star Wars OT, the second film is like the second act in a three-act story, where complications set in and the situation becomes worse, with the third film/act being the resolution that makes things better again. Maybe the third film will be Star Trek Into Light?
This makes total sense when viewed in the light of what Pine said which, IMO, implies cliffhanging ending:

Pine doesn’t know about any plans for Star Trek 3, but he assumes there will be one. “Knowing these guys, there’s always a way to make some more installments,” he said. “I’m sure they’ve built-in something, I’m just not smart enough to have seen it!
Warp Speed, Mister Nimoy.

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