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Re: The First Poster for INTO DARKNESS Has Just Been Revealed...

This article does say that a new teaser poster would be up in theaters any day now (it was published on Sept. 9th). That doesn't mean this poster is the real deal or not, but one should be forthcoming.

Taking it as real for a moment for the purposes of speculation, the image hints at two possibilities related to the two most popular plot theories for the film.

One, the severely upthrust hill and mass of rock and soil (or lava) being ejected into the air toward the bottom of the Starfleet arrowhead reminds me of the final death throes of the Genesis Planet before it exploded, hinting at a possible Khan appearance.

Two, the top part of the arrowhead with its field of stars, thick outer border, and then blackness outside of that implies leaving the galaxy, traveling through the galactic barrier, and going "Into Darkness" both literally and figuratively to find a planet (presumably not Delta Vega this time) where the effects of the barrier turn Gary Mitchell into a danger to the crew.

I haven't been paying attention to much of the scuttlebutt about the movie this time, so pardon me if either of those rumors are outdated, but that's my two cents on what the poster could mean.
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