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The real problem, for me, with a lot of these female superhero movies, is that they don't have likeable male characters in them. If you want to attract men, you need male characters in these kind of films that they can identify with. Often, men in these films (villains, boyfriends, etc...) are kind of wimpy. The Dark Knight Rises and the Amazing Spider-Man both had very likeable and strong female characters (Catwoman and Gwen Stacy). Female superhero movies need to find that same kind of balance, but in reverse, so that male audiences can identify with the male characters.
Let me suggest Hercules for Supergirl. One could make a likable character out of Hercules after all, they made a television series based on him. In DC Hercules comes from the same background as Wonder Woman thus pairing up Superman to Wonder Woman would be the equivalent to pairing Hercules to Supergirl. Hercules could hold his own in a fight, thus Supergirl would not always be rescuing him all the time. That's one suggestion. Another possibility might be a relative of Lex Luthor, if Lex had a rebellious son for example who doesn't always agree with his dad, but has some of his abilities to build gadgets for example, he might make an interesting partner for Supergirl.
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