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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Wow! I really do love Neelix; who else would have thought about a video newsletter to keep moral up? (I interviewed a WWII veteran who was in charge of moral on a naval ship and he set up a written newsletter…this video by Neelix kind of reminds me of his story. He said the newsletter was really cheesy, but that it made people smile)!! Also, I love that Neelix’s cooking cap matched his apron (I want a set… maybe that will be my next convention costume)!

Neelix was contacted by a Talaxian friend who notified him that his ship would rendezvous with the VOY in order to pick up a crew member who no longer wanted to be on board: Paris. Neelix goes to speak with Paris about why he wanted to leave. Paris argues that he never enjoyed being on VOY. Paris explains that he just made a mess of his place on VOY and that he has just sabotaged all of his chances for family and friends on board.

Neelix uses his video newsletter to drum up support for Paris and argue that he is a worthy friend and that the ship would be better off if Paris stayed on board. I like how he said that he originally overlooked Paris’ bravery because he saw it as brashness.

The warp engines are ruined (sabotaged) and Neelix helps Janeway and Chakotay find a planet where they can buy supplies that they need. The Talaxian ship was also attacked by the Kazon and Paris was taken. Neelix is suspicious that Paris was taken after less than a day on the Talaxian ship. Neelix figures out that the Kazon were told about Paris’ movement before it happened. Neelix is acting like a good journalist, but I feel like Tuvok would have reasoned it out already too….Then I realized that Paris’ behavior was a ruse so he could be a spy to find the spy, and Tuvok already knew about it which is why he did not jump on the information that Neelix provided him with. I should have realized that there was something fishy going on during the Neelix/Tuvok scene, but alas they surprised me!

In the end, Paris announces the spy as Jonas. Paris makes it back on VOY, and Neelix kills Jonas. Also, Paris goes onto Neelix’s video announcement and explains what happened and even apologizes for being an ass, even though it was part of his spy-character.

Favorite part: I like the continuity of this episode with the previous episodes. I think it showed that Paris is a strong character who has devoted himself to being accepted on the ship and that he is trying to improve himself. I also think it showed how kind and brave Neelix is. Neelix really does try his best to help the entire crew, and particularly those he has befriended. He may be annoying at times but he has an altruistic attitude. True, he may be a little prideful and know that what he is doing is great, but he is still doing positive things nevertheless.

Least favorite part: I could not figure out who the character Alpha Flyer warned me about was. I had to look it up on Memory Alpha to figure out the guest star was the King of Jordan! Also, the cheesy green background when Neelix and Jonaas fight to the death.
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