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Re: Chris Pine: To Shat or Nat? That is the question.

Considering where the first movie started at in Kirk's life, and the different upbringing, it would've been really wrong for NuKirk to be just like Shatner Prime Kirk in TOS. Shatner Kirk in TOS was already an established Captain of the Enterprise in the First episode, or course, he's going to be a much more confident and competent Leader than NuKirk, fresh out of the Academy, no experience as Captain. Those who say he should've been more ShatnerKirk-like make no sense to me.

Since this movie has him already established as Captain of the Enterprise, I think there's definitely room to him to be more ShatnerKirk-like, at least by the end of the movie, if not early on, but, I don't think he ever's....Staggered....Spee ch....Pattern
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