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Re: USS Copernicus, NCC-640 or 623?

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According to my understanding of canon, something is most definitely canon if it is what the original producers and production designers intended and if there's no substantial evidence to the contrary (i.e. screen or dialogue information), then it is canon. Therefore the 'Jefferies Rule' (creator of the Enterprise!) should be binding, unless you've arranged yourself with the permanent Retcon Maneuvers that plague or beloved Star Trek.
That's not true at all. Canon in Star Trek is whatever the person currently in charge of Star Trek says it is. Intent by past producers is invalid if whoever presently holds the reigns says so, decides to blatantly ignore it, or especially if something else has superseded it. Case in point: Whatever Jeffries' intent with his registry scheme was went out the window when Constitution class vessels with registries other than 17XX were listed in Okudagrams, the Encyclopedia, etc. after TOS was produced.
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