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Re: If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

My preference would be a continuation of the TNG/DS9 timeline. I really wouldn't be interested in anything that was a radical departure from that. I also wouldn't be interested in a complete jettisoning of established Star Trek alien species.

I'm fascinated with Andorians, so I'd like an Andorian member of the bridge crew. And maybe a Vulcan.

I'd like to see a captain that was some combination of Picard and Pike, personality-wise. I kind of liked Pike's brooding depressiveness.

There desperately needs to be a gay main character, but I loathe the idea of making him what I call a "tragic gay," i.e., someone who's just lost a spouse. Especially since there's never actually been a gay character on a Star Trek series, that would be a bad way to start, IMO.
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