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Re: Size of various fleets in ENT era

^Well, you are right about the cloaking device. The easiest answer would be that there was no ENT-era Cloaking device prior to the Temporal Cold War. (Please don't loook at me like that. )
If it were just Romulans, I could understand that people forgot
about them (only Archer saw it and his report got lost, let's not forget the Borg , who too were ignored...)
But there were the Xyrillians and Sulban too. Well something could have happened to them.

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The big issue I have is the one I opened up with: that the war is a forgotten one in this episode and basically in all others as well (except of course by the Romulans themselves), which suggests it was a forgettable one - but the novels assume the opposite.
Yes, Spock's refresh is kind of strange. But if the Federation is trying to be a peaceful society, they may be trying to forget any wars (the Romulan one included). Also, if John Gill is the main author of histories, I wouldn't be surprised if the people of the future were so confused about the past. That man got so many things wrong.

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I'd be happier with a book that only has pretty pictures than with one that tries to set Trek pseudohistory in stone...
That is also true. I still remember the Star Charts. And I would not be pleased if the book were to bring nuTrek and Prime closer (such as showing the Kelvin ).
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