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So in conclusion, I dont see the big fuss Buffy fandom is making, and far from empowering gay men, it may continue to stereotype them. I think an straight male slayer, one who actually is a slayer, would have been far more interesting.
That would be far worse and I'm sure the outcry would be far greater, as it should be, since it would completely overturn the mythology and premise the show was built on, that Slayers (actual Slayers, with superstrength and dreams etc., chosen to stand against the vampires and the demons etc.) are female..
whilst I agree that it goes against the mythology of the series, we have gone past the "the chosen one" part of the mythology.

That said they should not do that, I just think it would be more interesting that this non slayer, slayer which whilst it attempts to send out a good message, ends up with a rather mixed one.

Of course if we go down the line, that gay men are femmine, and sometimes have the same quality's as a woman, and then you wonder if one might have the quality that women have, that mean that they (not men) are called as slayers. Making them eligible to be called, which I guess really does send out the wrong message ive suggested the storylines send outs.

Forgive me, I do not recall why the first slayer was chosen, why she used to fight vampires etc
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