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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I'd like some T'Pring centric stories. I want to know what was so hot about Stonn (he doesn't look very attractive to me). I want to know her pain when she realized she would have to breed with a half caste and make chit chat with a human MIL. I doubt having such a prestigious FIL would make up for this, and the brother.. Oy vey. Imagine having children connected by blood to Sybok. It's really not surprising she did everything she could to get out of it. Perhaps Stonn wasn't some true love, but just the guy who would go through with her plans.
If you're interested, Christopher Bennett's new novel, Forgotten History, has a subplot in which Spock meets up with an alternate-universe version of T'Pring, which gets . . . complicated.
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