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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Damn, I was pulling for RA for CY.

What do you think of Citi Field, Tom?

I went there the year it opened, and while I enjoyed the sightlines from the concourses, I generally was underwhelmed. It felt sterile, oddly angular, and bigger than the adjacent LGA hangars.

You like minor league ball? I'm about 15 minutes away from Dutchess Stadium and the Hudson Valley Renegades. If you ever go, let me know. They're the short season single A team for I don'r even know at this point.
As a whole I like Citi-field but I have some major issues with some of the design choices. The outside of Citi-field is beautiful, I especially love the Rotundo. I like the harkening back to Ebbits Field. I love the inside of the Rotundo as well, especially the dedication to Jackie Robinson (one of my favorite baseball players.)

I too love the sight lines, the concourse and being able to walk all the way around the stadium. However liked you said, inside is very underwhelming. I totally agree about it feeling sterile and cold. From the inside, if you sat down I think you would have a hard time telling who actually plays there. I hate, HATE the green seats. Why aren't they at least blue or maybe lower being blue and upper orange. The green seats make it seam they got them on sale somewhere and they only had green. At least when they moved the fences in, they went with a blue wall. The museum feels like a tact on and not really worth the visit. I liked it better when it was just the Team store.

I LOVE minor league baseball, have been to several different teams. Having lived in New Jersey most my life thats where I have seen the most. Newark Bears, Sommerset Patriots, Lakewood BlueClaws, NJ Jackals, LI Ducks. I have never made it up to see the Renegades. Not sure I will be getting up there this year and I'm moving to Syracuse in April. So on the plus side I will be able to see the Binghamton Mets.
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