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Re: White Collar (USA)

I think this season hasn't been as good as previous ones. I'm starting to get tired of the constant mistrust. After what happened in the season finale and premiere, we've reached the point where Neal and Peter should really be working together and trusting each other, but the writers keep contriving ways to force them into lying to each other. I mean, sure, a story needs conflict, but it's just starting to feel forced.

Also, the credibility is starting to suffer. Like the trial episode a couple of weeks ago, which was one of the most ludicrously inept portrayals of courtroom procedure I've ever seen on TV. If the prosecution suddenly introduced a vital new piece of evidence during its final witness's testimony, they wouldn't just barrel on through and let the prosecution's witness "prove" its legitimacy on the same day. That's completely unfair. By all rights, the judge should've granted a continuance to give the defense time to examine the new evidence and develop a rebuttal for it.

Even the product placements are starting to go downhill. This show has usually been very deft at working its built-in car-commercial moments into the story so that they didn't feel blatant or contrived. But the bit with getting the car to recite Neal's horoscope last week was ridiculous, a pointless digression from the story, and the scene last night showing the automatic parallel parking feature was too self-conscious and commercial-ish (though that is a really neat feature and I wish my car could do that).

Still, despite all that, it remains a fun show with great characters. But I think I'd be happier if they downplayed the big mythology arcs and focused more on the case-of-the-week stuff and the character interplay.
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