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Re: Size of various fleets in ENT era

(atomics, impulse, cloaking device, no face-to-face)
I have no problem with "no face-to-face": it's a cool scifi way to fight wars. "Atomic weapons" is a scifi term as well, with no real-world meaning in the 21st century and thus perhaps not in the 23rd one, either. But I do think the lack of experience with invisibility devices in "Balance of Terror" is just bad writing from the very start, and not really a "continuity" issue but rather a "believability" one.

The big issue I have is the one I opened up with: that the war is a forgotten one in this episode and basically in all others as well (except of course by the Romulans themselves), which suggests it was a forgettable one - but the novels assume the opposite.

Well, it depends if the book will fulfill its role or if it is just some another attempt to get our money.
I'd be happier with a book that only has pretty pictures than with one that tries to set Trek pseudohistory in stone...

Timo Saloniemi
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