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Re: Size of various fleets in ENT era

Well, it depends if the book will fulfill its role or if it is just some another attempt to get our money. Will it actually address the war in a new way, or will it just fill out some holes that were created by the ENT novels, or just inform us how great Archer was and so on? Other examples are the Disastrous First Contact with the Klingons and the Axanar (?)conflict.

Timo, are your issues with the information on the Earth/Romulan War in "The Balance of Terror" the big 3/4 (atomics, impulse, cloaking device, no face-to-face)? As those can be explained - probably with better arguments than those already used.

I have my issues with the War in the novels: that, basically nothing happens, something happens off-screen, something happens and the end. This is because the last 2 books had to be joined into 1, and I think that the authors left out passages/chapters they were not supposed to and left many unimportant in.

PS. The numbers I posted earlier are total numbers of vessels not only the state-of-the-art cruisers.
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