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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

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i actually really liked Carbon Creek... fleshed out a vulcans a bit more... and i loved how it turned out to be true in the end, with Trip and Archer believing T'pol was just 'spinning them a yarn' lol

I completely agree. I was still on the fence about T'Pol up until this episode. When she managed to convince the boys she was just "telling a story" when in reality she was showing them that their first contact...wasn't, I was pleased.

She had annoyed me up until this episode. In this one I enjoyed her character and was pleased to see her express a "playful" side.

I'll add my voice to the "I'm glad you're doing a full rewatch S/U Fan! I'm stalled at the last few episodes of season 2, and I hope this will give me the kickstart I need to continue on to season 3!
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