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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi everyone! I'm 33, from Texas, and a lifelong TNG fan. I'm rewatching it now for the first time in years and it's interesting to note my reactions to it now and how they've changed/stayed the same. I'm currently up to Season 5 and just finished Unification, which was one of my favorites (I totally did not remember that Denise Crosby was in that one).

Some other impressions:

- Season 1 didn't suck as much as I remember. I didn't realize that they killed off Tasha Yar as early in the series as they did. I still hate the uniforms.

- I didn't hate Dr. Pulaski as much as I did the first go-round, but I still didn't like her much. Season 2 had some really great episodes.

- Guinan appeared in far more episodes than I remember.

- I had a bit of a crush on Wesley Crusher the first time around, but watching it now, he is kind of annoying and I was glad to see him go. He stuck around way longer than I remember (a regular into the 4th season).

- I still prefer bearded Riker, and I still hate Troi's turquoise dress. And I hate those ridiculous tights they had her in the rest of the time. When did they finally put her in a regular uniform? Season 6?
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