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Re: post Fate of the Jedi trilogy, OT era series announced

But even then, she's really NOT that much of a badass. Fun character, sure, but Hasn't really gone anywhere. Thing with Jag is fun, and she started to go somewhere with Boba Fett, but really she still takes a backseat to Luke whenever there's anything important going on.

And Ben's had most of the development screen time lately, so Jaina is just a support character at the most.

To justify this mysterious force-dream inspired title, would really need to see something. Implications behind being the Sword of the Jedi really implies a few things. Some crazy, elite-level skills (haven't seen anything unusual at all there), or usage of her as basically the weapon the Jedi send when they need something done. "Aggressive negotiation", a hit/extraction, or just a one-woman wrecking crew.

So far, she's just handy/tough in a fight, and has a little bit of a sneaky side which she got from Han. Aside from that, generic Jedi X. To justify the weight of that title, pretty much need her to take on a role similar to Mara's old job; the Jedi version of the Emperor's Hand...
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