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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

Glad you're still going with this S/UF. Always fun to discuss a series blow by blow.

Shockwave 2, well... I made most of my objections clear. It really didn't make sense, but... it's timetravel so it doesn't have to I guess. The biggest irk with me was T'Pol's continual rejection of the concept. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in time travel either... but if I'm seeing irrefutable evidence of it around me, I'm not going to start clinging to the "Vulcan Science Institutes" conclusions like they're some sort of religion. Other than that... yeah some interesting plot and eye candy, but a basic reset button push. Cept they still have that Time Travel Kit for dummies along with the cloak detector things.

Carbon Creek... I enjoyed this one. Just the silliness of it. They won't eat a deer, but risk contaminating a culture by living there for years? I dunno... priorities guys? Wouldn't eating that deer be... logical... as opposed to starving? But anyways, the "I love Lucy is on." line was hilarious, along with the Moe one... oh and Velcro was invented BEFORE Sputnik was launched... so either that's not continuity or T'Pol's clone embezzled that guy. I think the later is more hilarious.
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