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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Hi all! I found this forum awhile back and just signed up. I'm a TNG fan from long ago who recently became re-interested in the Trek universe.

I was a rabid TNG fan during its original run and my fandom spread out from that to the original series movies and TOS itself. Unfortunately, I found DS9 incredibly boring and kind of lost interest in Star Trek after the Generations movie, which I hated. I never saw Voyager or Enterprise or any of the other TNG movies (until yesterday, when I watched Insurrection on Netflix).

Anyway, I guess my interest was re-ignited with the J. J. Abrams Star Trek movie, which I thought was very well done, despite some qualms I might have about the direction it's being taken.

I'm currently re-watching TNG and remembering how good it was when it was at its best.
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