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^I'm not ignoring the reality -- I'm refusing to settle for the reality. Discriminatory realities never change
It's not "discriminatory", "mysogynist" or any of the other Womynist labels that get thrown out there. It's about what sells.

Trust me, I know what it's like to have favored characters get screwed because they don't sell. I have the majority of the Byrne WW run. I love good strong female leads like Silver Sable, Widow, Spider-Girl (the real one, aka May Parker).

But they don't sell, and in this climate neither Disney nor Marvel is going to risk much on them. Not because they're women, but because they are, unfortunately, a bad investment.
Maybe they don't sell because he can't write a good story with them, some other writer might write a better story. Its a lame excuse to write a lousy novel and then blame your fictional characters for the book being so lousy.
In the case of WW, there was no correlation between the numbers sold and the actual quality of the story. The Byrne tenure sold the most books per issue, but it was a terrible run. Yet Perez's tenure, which was the definite run on the book for around twenty years didn't sell all that well. The numbers I think speak to the fact that the principle monthly comic reader isn't really all that interested in a female character unless there is heavy objectification.
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