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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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So in conclusion, I dont see the big fuss Buffy fandom is making, and far from empowering gay men, it may continue to stereotype them. I think an straight male slayer, one who actually is a slayer, would have been far more interesting.
That would be far worse and I'm sure the outcry would be far greater, as it should be, since it would completely overturn the mythology and premise the show was built on, that Slayers (actual Slayers, with superstrength and dreams etc., chosen to stand against the vampires and the demons etc.) are female.

My guess why Billy is called the Vampire Slayer in the title of the arc is because he models himself after the Slayers like Buffy - he's probably heard about them through the media. Holtz, Gunn etc. never aspired to be called Slayers or thought of Slayers as their role models.

Though there could be a transgender or transsexual real Slayer. That would be interesting. On the other hand, someone would probably complain that it sends the message that women who fight, who are athletic etc. are masculine. But someone will always complain about something, as we see now.
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