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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

Greer: why am I a big fan? Big dumb dude with gun.. but great acting and nice comic reality relief. I guess he's SG:U's Ronan.

I also think Dale Volker is rather appealing. He and Greer are currently recovering from their kidney surgery so hopefully they both don't die. I wouldn't mind seeing more of him, he has Rodney qualities minus the mania.

Speaking of the kidney surgery.. WTF PARK, put your hair up!! It's like, falling into the freaking wounds!!! And you know all these Destiny quarters came with nifty shiny blankets. I'm sure there are tons of spare ones, why couldn't they rip some up and make surgical masks and hair net things? Actually you could rip them up and make CLOTHES so that everyone isn't wearing the same thing all the time. I bet there's at least one person there who can sew.

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