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Re: Paramount forcing scanned FASA Trek material off Net (Pen&Paper)

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A quick Google search turns up no real references to this other than Ian Keldon's posts here and in the Fan Films forum.
I was informed by the owner/Admin of the Morena Shipyards Yahoo site who was informed by one of the other board members who is an "insider" with Paramount/CBS.

I thought it prudent to spread the word so that people who might be infringing have the chance to take their stuff down before the lawyers get involved.

So what's your problem, Legion?

*ETA* Here's a link to someone else who ran afoul of CBS/Paramount recently for IP infringement (for a different property):

and another

This is entirely consistent with what I was told in a followup email that Paramount was C&D-ing other IP infringement and stumbled across someone "archiving" published FASA Trek material so they did the same to it and are looking for more.

And here is where they C&D-d both Phase II AND Norman Spinrad over "He Walked Among Us"

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