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The TNG double episode Redemption had Picard blockading the klingon Romulan boarder with thirty Starships that were half built or run down or mildly damaged, weaving a tachyon detection grid which would notice even cloaked vessels passing their the space they were holding.

30 ships.

Picard was handing out (temporary) Captaincies to every one he could see except Pinochio, but after a stirring speech about android rights, he completely guilted the Frenchman into handing over the pinkslip to a starship.

Dude, there's no money in the Federation. No one gets paid, or backpaid.

I theorized in a thread yesterday that the crew got even portions of replicators rations no matter their rank. Janeway got the same as any of the Equinox 5, otherwise she's a Captain Bly Monster.
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