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Re: How many people aboard Enterprise ncc-1701

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Under Pike's command, she had about 206 crew.
Or at least Pike felt he was "responsible" for that number. Perhaps he didn't care all that much about the remaining 225?
I don't know if someone already brought up this possibility.

Captain Pike's crew count might have been much higher originally, but in addition to the people he lost recently on Rigil, Pike could have been losing groups of people in a series of event right from the start of that particular cruise. Pike's "world weariness" wasn't from responsibility in general and the loss of a handful of his crew, but from personally experiencing the loss of half of his crew over the last several months.

(Pike)... My only yeoman and two others dead, seven injured ... it seems to me the condition of our own crew takes precedent ...
So the Enterprise was going to pass by the (possible) survivors of a crashed Earth ship to replace 3 dead and 7 injured?

(Pike) ... we're going to stop first at the Vega Colony and replace anybody who needs hospitalization and also ...
Pike cut himself off at that point. Pike was speaking of replacing the 7 injured? Or was Pike placing a priority behind the Enterprise reaching the Vega colony because it might be his first chance to replace a large number of dead, and also many more injured than just the 7 from Rigil.

(Pike) ... I'm tired of being responsible for two hundred and three lives. I'm tired of deciding which mission is too risky and which isn't, and who's going on the landing party and who doesn't, and who lives and who dies. Boy, I've had it, Phil.
Does the "who lives and who dies" comment stem solely from the 3 deaths? All life is precious, but starship duty is depicted as dangerous, would Pike get this despondent from "just" 3 deaths, to the point of considering quitting?

Or was his despondency from losing half his crew?

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