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Re: Star Trek/Supergirl

Picard paced the Ready Room as Wesley and Kara sat at the conference table. "So you wish to remain aboard the Enterprise?" Picard asked.
"I do, I showed you where my homeworld was, its been destroyed by the supernova, I have nowhere to go, my parents intended to send me to Earth." Kara pleaded.
"So you say," Picard admitted, "the thing that makes me hesitant is that you do not even appear to belong in our Universe. Dr Crusher and Geordi La Forge did an analysis, your molecular density approaches that of a white dwarf, the atoms that make up your body are much smaller than our atoms, about one hundreth scale in fact, the warp field around your body seems to delineate different laws of physics from our universe, you are not of our Universe yet here you are. Can you explain that?"
Kara bit her lip, "I can't sir, my father had some theories, he said there were some gravitational anomalies in the Kryptonian system, most Kryptonians have not traveled in space for millenia."
Picard looked at Kara for a moment, "this goes against my better judgement, but since we have no place to send you, for the time being you can stay aboard this ship."
"Thank you captain, you won't regret it, I promise," she added.
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