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Re: What if a BSG-styled remake of Babylon 5 was made?

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You really can't do realistic aliens with actors in makeup, so you'd have continuous CGI, of have to shove them offstage most of the time for budgetary reasons. One can argue whether Alien was realistic, an alien that requires humans to reproduce? How could such a creature evolve if it required aliens from another planet as incubators for its eggs?
Uh, gee, that's a tough one. Oh wait! It used... get this... the other life on it's home planet as incubators! Wow, that was tough.
We are carbon based life forms, the Alien is a carbon based life form, but the thing about carbon based life forms is that they are based on carbon molecules, and the thing about carbon atoms is there are many ways to connect them. Life on Earth evolved one way with a certain arrangements of carbon atoms connected together in a certain way, on another planet they could have been connected differently, the very nutrients we ingest and digest have evolved over billions of years on Earth. Billions of years on another planet would have evolved different nutrients and different life form had evolved to process. I don't think the carbon-based molecules in the human body would be compatible with an alien that evolved on another planet. An alien couldn't eat us without getting indigestion, it couldn't implant eggs in us and expect the eggs to survive. Space Vampires make little sense as well.
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