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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Been awhile since I've been here but I had to post. I brought five trek books with me while on vacation at the beach. I like to read on the beach and I began to worry that those five books wouldn't be enough. Until Fallen Gods.

Storming Heaven - Blasted through it. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Plagues of Night - Blasted through it. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Raise the Dawn - Blasted through it. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Forgotten History - Blasted through it. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Fallen Gods - Took me days to read. It was a struggle not to skip whole chapters.

Very disappointed in Fallen Gods. I have read Seize the Fire but can't really remember what happened in it, which goes to show how uninteresting I found it. I don't understand. I really liked Cathedral and Trill:Unjoined. Taking Wing and Red King where also 'meh' for me so maybe it's hit or miss.

I may add Michael A. Martin to the list of authors I avoid (like Christie Golden).
To be fair, the first three books you read (and to a lesser extent, the fourth) are widely acclaimed (as widely as a Trek novel can be acclaimed) as some of the best TrekLit out there. Even Forgotten History, which I was less excited about, is extremely well-regarded.

Technically speaking, the first four novels probably created an expectation bias for Fallen Gods, which might have had the effect of exaggerating its shortcomings. If I were you, I'd wait a month or two, and give it another shot. Who knows, maybe it'll seem better on reread with lowered expectations.

Or maybe it will still suck really badly to your tastes. In which case, I thoroughly apologize.
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