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Re: I can't watch Enterprise anymore...

Well, I had nothing better to do this week so I finally made it through the last season! Season 4 improved dramatically, its what the series should have been all along. There were several great story arcs that tied in the Humans, Vulcan, Andorians, and Tellerites, the founding members of the Federation. This was true prequel material. Now I'm sorry the series ended early, it felt premature.

Speaking of endings though (and because I like complaining ), that last episode really sucked. They killed Trip in a rediculous, out of character way, and nothing came of it. There was no funeral, no grief or aftermath, he was just thrown away. Shran was out of character too, he's not the type to be engaging in shady business. And after all the fuss, they didn't show Archer's speech. The last episode really didn't wrap up anything and it didn't do any of the characters justice.

But overall season 4 was the best Enterprise had to offer.
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