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Re: Where should Stargate go now?

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There were several layers to Stargate
I'm ignoring all the layers that I don't see the potential in, and just zeroing in on the few elements than I like best. The Furlings, for instance. Why even bother with them.

You can't do a reboot if you try to keep too much. The key is to simplify as much as possible without tossing out everything.
Well, a reboot that would maintain continuity would be a bit tricky, but doable, perhaps by finding a non-overlapping set of gate addresses that the System Lords didn't know about (but other Go'uld did), or perhaps by finding a supergate to a galaxy that wasn't trashed with Ori or Wraith.

The only reason I'm suggesting that they maintain continuity is that some fans get very hung up on such things, and they'll need all the viewers they can get.

The Grim Ghost wrote:
The premise is simple. The military finds a stargate of unknown alien origin. There is no need to go into the origins of it, at least not for a long, long time.
How about finding a Stargate system in another galaxy that wasn't built by Ancients, perhaps with the premise that the Ancients must've copied from someone else?

Our heroes go through every week to explore strange new worlds. Worlds with more variety than just reflections of ancient earth cultures (that's fine occasionally, but there was way too much of it).

More truly alien planets and beings to encounter, not just ancient humans and forehead aliens.
Oddly, Amanda Tapping is doing better than Stargate in that regard with her Sanctuary series that takes place entirely on Earth.

I think the only mythological Earth figures who didn't end up being Stargate aliens were Paul Bunyon, Santa Claus, and the Jolly Green Giant, even though delivering toys around the world in one night would have to involve Asgard stealth and beaming technology.

It sounds like we're poking at a Stargate Atlantis without the Ancients or the Wraith or the whole "cut off from home" angle, just explorers out exploring and encountering a variety of threats.
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