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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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In my opinion, no. The bitrate of the DD 2.0 track is only 192kbps. The HDMI handshake with your TV (I'm assuming you're connected via HDMI to a TV with two speakers) tells the Blu-ray player's decoder to take the 7.1 DTS-HD MA track and output stereo LPCM (i.e. uncompressed) when the TV's EDID (Extended display identification data) shows it to have a 2-channel audio sink profile.

So, to boil it down... it's best to choose the highest quality audio available and let the player decide how to handle it based on what it's connected to.
Thanks Max. I didn't realize the hdmi would automatically decode what speaker setup I have. I have exactly what you described.

Actually you will have audio problems because, and it doesn't matter what the bit rate is, the audio in a 7.1 mix has not been mixed properly for a 2.0 stereo playback.
I've not heard any problems thus far (now that the 7.1 audio channel mapping has been corrected). I sometimes watch an episode in my kitchen in PCM 2.0 via an HDMI switcher connected to my Blu-ray player in my main viewing room which splits the signal.

In fact, the exact parameters for the downmix are set by the person encoding the audio in the DTS-HD Master Audio Suite software -- so it has been mixed properly for 2.0. The Blu-ray player just blindly follows those parameters. You can read more about it in the manual here:
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