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Re: Tech update in Star Trek

On the communication front, its probably still fair to say the 24th Centuary Star Fleet still has us beat down pretty hard. The only thing we've done in that front is really prove that "subspace" doesn't exist, but we've essentially evolved that theory to include other dimension shifts and/or planes none of which I think is considered to be concrete science yet. Besides simply relabeling subspace, I don't think much would actually change.

On the clothing front, I know GR made it a point that he didn't want any form zippers, velcro, buttons and the ilk to ever be visible on the uniforms (at least in the 24th century). The idea was supposed to be that some new, undisclosed form of fasener existed in the 23rd and 24th century that would allow clothing to fit people perfectly. It would be interesting if that got more context in the series, but as some of you probably know, I'm pulling most this info from interviews. It is an interesting point that the uniforms should be stated to have some sort of protection against the elements or even more importantly, some way to make all the several species co-existing feel comfortable with some sort of standardized temperature and humidity settings. We certainly know several species who prefer the temperature to be much cooler or much hotter then humans do. I would think the uniforms would some how reflect this in some sort of minor detail.

On the computer front of things, I really tend to think 3D Control Panels that have the look and feel of being highly intuitive and highly customizable is the way of the future. Something like what we saw in Earth: Final Conflict. To me, however, just grabbing that idea and running with it seems like a cop out, it almost feels like there should be something as far as computer interference that goes beyond that, although I don't quite know what to suggest.

I whole heartily agree with information tech. One thing I would honestly expect to be a foregone conclusion to exist in the 24th century is some sort of contact lenses that aid in the acquisition and recall of information. On similar fronts, I would actually expect Tricorders to be a ton more intuitive then they look to be currently. Even though we're no where close to matching the sheer information gathering power a Tricorder posses in each series, we're certainly capable of making a better looking, more practical device with more features today.

Honestly, thinking about all this, it honestly feels like we're better off with a reboot of say, TNG so we're not constantly retconing everything.
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