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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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CBS has been trying to develop an American-setting modern Sherlock Holmes series for about a decade now, and there are scripts of previous efforts floating around on the web.

What Sherlock did was give CBS the impetus to finally pull the trigger and commission a pilot.
That happens a lot. I remember the old Stephen Collins show Tales of the Gold Monkey from the '80s. Everyone thought it was a Raiders of the Lost Ark knockoff, but Donald Bellisario had pitched it before Raiders came out, and ABC had just had it sitting on the shelf, neglected, until Raiders was a huge hit and suddenly they were all, "Hey, do we have anything like this that we can put on the air?" I bet there are plenty of other examples too. I think a lot of people don't realize how many series ideas networks have sitting around in development hell. So as often as not, instead of making something up to capitalize on a new trend, they can just grab something they're already sitting on and finally put it on the air.
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