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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Real Quick:

As I said above I really liked Action #0 this past week. Good, solid, issue and closer to how I wish this book had been from the beginning.

Detective #0 was pretty good as well showing Bruce's early days when it came to his rise as Batman. (I assume all of the Batman books are connected this month to show his rise to Bats?)

World's Finest and Earth 2 were okay. I think the latter was the most lacking in the details of the world before #1, and WF didn't spark much in me either. Art seemed lack-luster too.

Dial H: Was okay, but it's a book that's not really holding my interest overall as it is. I thought the "Hero Dial" being a sundial needing manual rotation over the course of days to be an interesting way to present it, though it being the "usual" phone dial would have been interesting to see how the ancient people would look at such a device.

Batman and Batgirl will be my pulls tomorrow.
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