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Calling all Marines!!

I am Calling all Starfleet Marine players or players that are interested in the Starfleet marines as outlined on the bravo fleet wiki. I am currently recruiting for the USS Midway, an Akria class star ship assigned to Task Force 86 apart of bravo fleet.

We are the only marine controlled vessel on bravo fleet, Marines have always been just a small part of the Star Trek expanded universe, I want them to finally have a larger role. My sim is going to be combat oriented, not exploratory or science. We will be the right cross of Starfleet.

Our first mission will be trying to find out who is destroying cargo and federation ships along the federation, Gorn, and Tholian borders. With the destruction of Romulus and Remus the entire quadrant is starting to destabilise, the Klingons are mobilizing, The Gorn are fortifying their boarders, the Tholians are annexing systems at an accelerated rate, and the Orion Pirates are getting bolder. Taskforce 86 and the USS midway are ready to protect federation interests in this time of struggle.

I need a Chief Helm officer, Chief Tactical/security, Chief Science, Chief Medial, Chief Engineer, and a Star Fighter Wing Commander.

If you don’t want to be a marine and you are still interested in a position on the Midway you are still welcome, we are happy to have regular fleet officers onboard, it will allow for some interesting character subplots as we learning to work together.

If this sounds like the Sim for you, please contact me at with the position you would like, You can check out the Sim at



Lt. Colonel Kainen
Commanding Officer
USS Midway
Taskforce 86
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