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Re: Roddenberry Podcasts

Now you're changing your argument. First you claimed that they "got important facts wrong."

Now you're saying that you just "offer[ed] an opinion and a few facts and gave constructive criticism."

I don't see how making a broad claim such as you did in your initial post, only to back up with, by your own admission "minor nits" as evidence constitutes anything near "constructive criticism."

On top of this, you've summarily ignored the other points I raised in favor of this podcast series to instead impugn my motivation for defending it.

I don't dispute that the M113 creature is supposed to be referred to as the M113 creature. I don't dispute that Spock was a Lieutenant Commander in the first season (facts you yourself brought up.) I merely stated that these were minuscule details; minutiae that if gotten wrong I can forgive. This isn't the Constitution or the Holy Bible. It's a fun podcast about a TV show a bunch of nerds really really like, and one some people take far, far too seriously.

As for me, I happy to be friends with one of the hosts of the show. But that doesn't mean I can't independently disagree with you or point out the flaws in your argument.
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