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Re: Tech update in Star Trek

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How about more attention to futuristic fabrics and clothing? Starfleet should not send their people into battle wearing pajamas. They should be wearing lightweight fabrics that are far beyond kevlar in terms of protection. And if Starfleet can protext its Starships with force fields, it should do the same for its personnel, with personal force field generators.
Even if they're made of lightweight fabrics that are far beyond kevlar they'll still look like "pajamas" if that's what comes to mind when you see them.

Don't think I'ver seen any Starfleet uniforms that look like this:

or this

ENT shouldnt be able to encounter Ferengi and Borg, and later on have Starfleet be entirely clueless about these species.
Trouble is they weren't clueless. Starfleet had quite a bit of information on the Ferengi, they didn't have a picture though. A database is only as good as the information in it. It can't magically call a race "the Ferengi" unless that info is in the database.

C. E Evans has it right. It will still be phasers, tricorders, and communicators only they might look and operate differently.

Mars wrote:
The real 24th century would be nothing like Star Trek.
Did someone say it would?
Nerys Myk
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