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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi i'm new,

Grew up watching TNG but was probably too young to really appreciate it. Got back in to it a couple of years ago when i randomly caught it on TV - We don't have many channels in NZ that show Sci-Fi re-runs. I recently made my GF watch the whole series..emphasis on made.. took her like a season and a half to reluctantly admit she enjoyed it, even though i kind of gathered because she complained less and less.

Anyway, i love the show, it could be my favourite show of all time.. definitely top 3.

Favourite episodes:

Darmok (the first episode i randomly saw on TV a couple of years ago that got me back in to it - just happened to be one of the best episodes (imo))
All good things (incredible way to end the show)

I look forward to discussing the show!
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