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Should i get a new smartphone?

I'm thinking about this for ages and i just can't decide.

I have an older Samsung "Smartphone" (the only thing smart about it is its touchscreen.. no Android or any other gadgets) and i rarely use it.. the occasional SMS and when i need to phone someone when i'm not at home. I'm not a heavy phone user so my phone costs are manageable (i'm even thinking about cancelling my contract and switching to prepaid because currently i pay more basic fees than what i use up talking).

I'm totally not interested in social sites like Facebook so i don't need to check my pages all the time to see what everybody says and most of the day i'm at work where i don't have time to use my phone apart from lunch break.

At home i use my PC of course and when i'm away i somehow don't need to check TrekBBS every hour or so.. my friends have computers where i can check email and some quick surfing if i want to.

So.. this is my usage and thoughts. I know that most of you would say by now to not bother with Smartphones (the running costs to have a fitting plan with my provider would also be quite higher than what i'm paying now) but i'm wondering if i'm not missing out on something?

There were some instances recently where i thought it would have been nice if i had a navigation system while driving.. new Smartphones can do that easily or when i really wanted to check on something while out but not having a computer at hand.

So.. what am i missing out apart from regular Facebook checks? What do you do with your Smartphones all day that makes them worth it?
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