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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

Well there was a fair bit of overtaking outside of the DRS zone's at Monza, and Maldonado managed to avoid hitting anything this weekend. Perez drove a good race to finish 2nd. As for Red Bull it was a aweekend to forget, 2 Alternator failures (that's 3 this season), a DNF for Webber, there must have been some damage otherwise why not just change tyres after his spin.

While team orders are allowed Alonso was gifted 3rd place by Massa, The Championship is interesting at this point and despite not wining a race Kimi is what 4th about 39 points off the lead.

As for the Vettel drive thru, after seeing the replys I think the stewards where right to award the penalty, given the 1 car width rule.

I think LH shuld sign for McLaren, sure mcLaren may have problems with the car but they are one of a few teams you expect to be able to sort those out. What's his other option Mercedes, where are they again, they've manged 1 win so far this season. Whilst McLaren have won 5 out of 13.
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